What is Electrical Theology and Soul Mechanics

What is electrical theology

Going Beyond Spirituality

Simply put, Electrical Theology is Di-vine Electricity; THAT WHICH is ALL Thing and No-thing and THAT WHICH is beyond Spirituality.

Electrical Theology (c) is an understanding that all LIFE is electric. Why? Because all Life in the Universe is Electric (atomic). Every thing contains electricity (every cell in your body contains electricity). What makes everything alive IS electricity. And, wherever there is electric, there is magnetism. it is this magnatism that attracts (or repels) people, places and things, and manifests our health, wealth and love. It is the Divine Electric Breath.

Every mythology/religion/folktale tells about BREATH being breathed into a Being, or creature, and bringing them to life. What if 'breath' is just another name for Electricity? What if, like Frankenstein's monster, we are alive because some Being breathed into our cells... electricity, and brought us to life?

If we can study all mythologies, religions, parables, allegories and folktales from an electrical perpective, one may discover hidden secrets in plain sight. Secrets that contain the knowledge of how to use this cosmic electromagnetism to manifest the life one chooses.

By understanding and becoming aware and consciously sentient of your Electric Soul / Spirit Breath, you will feel and experience life differently. By Integrating the Electric Soul into the Electric Flesh, we can live life from the Soul's perspective here on Earth. We can then bring into the Soul, the Electric Spirt, which generates (generations) and attracts Uni-Versal Love.

GOD and These Electric Forms

Electrical Spirit inflows and integrates into the Electric Soul. The Soul can be seen as the Flesh of the Spirit, and the Human is the Flesh of the Soul. Understanding this HierArchy of sorts, gains us insight on how, from the Human Flesh Consciousness, we can now go through the Soul, through the Electrical Spirit... and beyond, and tap into the Electric God. Please keep in mind however that this is not the anthropomorphic mythological/religious Gods, but the Universal Electrical Di-vine GOD.

When a Human Being is not in alignment with the inflowing Soul, the human flesh will experience electrical misalignments (lack) in their health, wealth and love lives and will be in need of a re-pair. This is where a Soul Mechanic enters. 


What is Soul Mechanics

Upgrading Souls by Overhauling Lives


Before Life came to BE THAT WHICH IS, IT was pre-cosmic, pre-conscious, pre-aware. IT was no-thing and no-where. When THAT came to be, THAT ex-pressed. THAT expressed into IONs. THIS express-ion became THIS.  THIS existence, through billions of evolute-ions, became the natural world as we humans know it. 

In each cell of our body, which science calls mitochondria, the energy that powers the cells (electricity) IS THAT. Every cell in your body contains a portion of THAT.

Through Soul Mechanics upgrades we can begin to converge the diverged, marry that which is di-vorced, consummate that which we humans and our egos have, through illusionary false percept-ion, separated.

When an Electrical Soul becomes out of alignment with the Electrical Spirit, the Electrical Flesh Suit of humans will show signs of the Soul's misalignments, which is due to a restriction of Electromagnetic flow. 

Disempowerment The Time to Bring in a Soul Mechanic

Indicators that your life is out of alignment and is feeling disempowered is identity crisis, not knowing one's purpose or meaning, or feeling disconnected from the Whole, or a deep sense of not feeling as though you belong here on Earth, that somehow a God made a mistake about placing you here in the flesh world.

Soul Mechanics is a practice of Re-Pairing, not healing. From an Electrical Perspective, no one is broken or sick... these are human concepts. Do our flesh suits needs repairing like we would mend a torn pair of jeans? Yes, but the jeans are not sick. The fabric just needs to be weaved back together again, or in some cases, remain apart.

Soul Mechanics is a mechanical, chemical and electrical practical protocols that brings back together THAT WHICH has separated and requires realignment and mending. What creates this separation is our limited egoic projected perspectives. It is our egos that believes that it is separate from the WHOLE; that our Flesh is separated from our Soul and our Souls are operated from our Electrical Spirits. 

Belief systems are part of the ego's self preservation mode; it is in a flight or fight or freeze mode. Beliefs are built from the past, but to be whole with the inflowing unfolding beatific evolution in a moment, we have to be aware in the NOW. To change our illusionary realities of lack, we must leave the past, the beliefs that were created out of fear and control, and move into the conscious awareness and allow our Electric Spirit to flow undefended in our present and futures.

If your life is misaligned, then, as a Soul Mechanic, I assist in the re-pairing, upgrading and downloading and mending new cosmic data that will bring with it new understandings and awarenesses. Browse the Therapy page for more information.


That and THIS

The Universal Field

As a lifelong student of folklores, mythologies, religions, noetic sciences, sociology, psychology, the paranormal and psychical, metaphysical and the esoteric, and the study of symbols (semiology, symbology), I have become aware of similarities in our existence as humans here on planet Earth; and that is: that life is made up of Electricity (Chi', Ka, Ba, Prana, Life Force, Spirit, Soul, Consciousness, Mind, atoms, ions, etc.)

When one steps out of the illusion of false perceptions (ego) and engages in Truth (one's authentic self beyond egoic perceptions), one may find themselves bridging the gap between where they currently are and where they want to be in their health, wealth and love. 

Once a person understands that they are made of Divine Electricity, and know that they are not their spacesuit (your flesh bag), will no longer require the worship of anthropomorphic Deities or sciences. A person will go beyond their religions and sciences (right and left brains) and their spirituality, and will discover that they are Divine Electricity.

Bridging the Gap is a phrase used herein to describe bringing together that which  our societal systems have divided and separated but in reality, has never been divided or separated. 

In order to connect that which we have been told to believe, we must again bridge the gap  together, we must understand that our heart and mind are Whole Pairs. We must once again realize that the soul and the mind transform THAT WHICH is above into THIS which is below, and that which is internal into the external, and that which is supernatural into the natural.

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