Crypto-currency classs: intro

What is Cryptocurrency and why should you know

Learn the 101 basics of Crypto Currency

Presented by Charles Marshall

Every Monday Night

Cosst: $25.00 Classes can be paid with crypto currency: Btc, ETC, Monero

Time: 5pm - 7pm


Topics you will Learn:

  • Centralized systems VS Decentralized systems
  • What a digital wallet is
  • About Crypto Exchanges
  • Blaicchain Technology
  • How to make money with cryptocurrency
  • And more

Objective of Class:

Getting on to coinable, Coinbase Pro and Binance

Buying and selling Crypto tokens and coins

Items to have on hand or access to if you are going to set up an account on saturday: Photo ID, smart phone/compture, bank account, on-line banking, email account, and debit card

A New World

The world is in a major transition because of computers and therefore all old financial, educations and social media are changing as well. In a computer/technological/digital world you will need digital currency.

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And Thank You and see you there


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Classes and Seminars

Class Descriptions

Classes are divided into 2 categories: Di-vergent and Con-vergent. All classes are taught from the Soul Mechanic perspective, meaning, how to understand how we came to be, how we wound (wounded, hurt) ourselves, and how to un-wound ourselves, by taking responsibility for our lives.

These classes will assist a student in understanding how they have separated themselves through false realities developed by the ego, and how to dis-adhere from others systems by understanding how THE SYSTEM (the matrix) is made.

The goal of these classes is to individuate through the process of first being a probationer, then an initiate, and apprentice and then a mentor, then a teacher or Soul Mechanic, and in service, assist others through Cosmic Coaching, or Electrical Theology.




Divergent: Soul Mechanic Intro

This class will be an overview introduction into the How We Came to BE. It will be an introduction into the origins of our societies. We will also look at the esoterica, religious, societal, cosmological, mythological and other origin systems. This class will have a student seeing words as they have never seen them before.

Cost: $20.00 per class (pay as you go)

Duration: 4 - 6 weeks (class duration could be 4 weeks or up to 6 weeks depending on class size and questions)

Time: 5-7 p.m.

Car Reading

This class presents the concepts that one's external observations and creations are just the internal reflection of one's self. To help understand and implement this concept, this class teaches that all people, places and things all came from the earth. Mythologies teach us that humans were made out of the dirt (clay), so too are our vehicles we drive. Therefore, metaphysically, our cars are us. What happens with our cars are reflections of what is happening within. Exploration into the metaphysical will be addressed in this class as well.

Cost: $20.00 per class (pay as you go)

Duration: 2 weeks

Times: 5-7 p.m.

Realms of Expanding Consciousness

Universal Di-Vine Circuit

Para Mediumship (Cosmic Transmissions and Receptions)

Create Your own Tarot (Ones and Zero)

Classes, Seminars and Coaching


Cosmic Coaching

Realms of Relationships

Energy Circuit: How to re-pair the body

Business Coaching: Branding

Seminars: Bridging the Gap

This 8 hours seminar deals with bridging the gap between the heart and the mind, the Flesh and the Soul and THAT with THIS