Intro Classes: Electrical Theology

Electrical Theology and Soul Mechanic Classes Starting October 16, 2019

Class 1:  Soul Mechanics and Electrical Theology INTRO

This introduction class lays the Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical foundational perspectives  that introduces one (a Probationer) into the  Esoteric and Exoteric overview of the Uni-Verse, the Paranormal, Metaphysical and Di-mens-ional perspectives.

Class Topics include but are not limited to:

Pyramids, Aliens, Gods, Demons, Angels, Guides, Guardians, Ascended Masters;

as well as:

* The Divergent and Convergence of Cosmic Energy

* Understanding the Noetic and Arcane Disciplines in a scientific 'Ionic' perspective such as:

--- Tarot

--- Myths, Religions, Folklores Secret Societies, and ancient tales

--- Mediumship Communication

--- Healing / Health, Wealth, Love

---NLP / Semiotics / Hypnotherapy

---Manifestat-ion: ARC / ION

--- Divination

--- I Ching

--- Crystals

--- Psychic abilities

--- Ancient Geometry

--- Ghost, Apparitions, Poltergeist, etc

--- And so much more....

Classes will be held at the Cosmic Groove IN Hendersonville, NC 

  • Starting Date Wednesday, October 16, 2019
  • located at 2021 Asheville Hwy 28791
  • Cost is $15.00 per class (pay as you go)
  • 4 week class for example will cost $60.00.
  • Time: from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Note: Soul Mechanics and Electrical Theology classes are never ending. This being said, feel free to take as many classes as you feel. However, each class thenceforth are progressive, meaning that each class builds upon the next. Once a certain amount of classes are missed, the student will not be able to hop back in. They must wait till a new cycle of classes start. 
  • Note : These classes are for those truly ready to change their perspective and gain new awareness.

For any further questions, feel free to email at

Crypto Classes held every Monday


Every Monday Night 5-7pm

Crypto Classes

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959 Merromon av Bld. B ST 101, Asheville , NC 28804

Every Monday Night 5-7pm

Crypto Classes

5:00 - 7:00

959 Merromon av Bld. B ST 101, Asheville , NC 28804

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Hello. I'm Charles Marshall and I'm Here for YOU

My mission is to assist you in reflecting, reframing and rephrasing your life by allowing your thoughts, behaviors, choices and outcomes to manifest into the life you know you are here to live.  With extensive experience in Life Coaching, Holistic Therapies, Investigative Mythology, the Esoteric, Reflexive Listening and a vast history of client success, my individualized approach will help you empower those parts of you that have been disempowered.


Professionalism and Experience

Being a professionally trained and experienced Spiritual Coach , Holistic Therapist,  Soul Mechanics and Electrical Theology, as well as the Cofounder of  nonprofit community therapeutic massage centers, I have the insight, intuition, understanding and awareness to help you choose, create and manifest the life you imagine.


The Simplistic Quest

My mission is to have my clients choose to live an independent, individuated and undefended life, one where their heart/soul is fully open. 

If you are willing to be open (hearted) and honest, and allow your life to be lived from the Soul's perspective, then when you are truly ready to be your authentic undefended self, only then I will be willing and ready to work with you.

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