What Is Soul Mechanics

Upgrading Soul Through Hard Core Conscious Steps
Upgrading Souls Through Hard Core Conscious Steps

What is Soul Mechanics and what is it I teach? The simple short version: I teach you to communicate, read and interpret Di-vine In-Form-at-ION. I also assist in Upgrading Your Soul Through Hard Core Consciousness Steps.

Who is Soul Mechanics and Electrical Theology  for, and who can experience and learn Soul Mechanics and Electrical Theology? It is for those who are ready:

  •  To truly change old patterns into new ones.
  •  To truly change the way they live.
  • To truly spiritually individuate and take responsibility for their existence and earthly life


The Long VERS-ION: The Soul Mechanic therapies, workshops and seminars delve into ancient descriptions that show you how to build, connect, maintain and develop synchronizational flow with the Universe-City through veiled gateways.  The Uni-Verse consists of the Universal Divine Circuit, Realms Of Expanding Consciousness and Electrical Theology, which consists of the TRIVERSITY, DIVERSITY, AND UNIVERSITY (Tri-verse-city, Di-verse-city, Uni-verse-city).

In simple terms, its how a human operates within in the Universe by unifying mystical past and modern societal belief systems particularly with the person’s everyday health, wealth and love life.

Through my therapies, lectures, workshops and classes I explain in simple terms how many sectors of society like religion, science, politics, folklore, myth, etc. attempts to define the Undefined, God, and Universe.

Soul Mechanics and Electrical Theology shows you how science (left-brainers) and the mythical worlds (right brainers) are attempting to explain the human experience, and how the two [brain] worlds are just using different words.

I, in my lectures, classes and therapies show a tired sojourner and initiates how ancient and modern text and literature are just secret wiring diagrams, cosmic blueprints and schematics on how to activate Universal Electricity and manifest IT into the life you truly choose.

With simpli-city I show you how to gain awareness and answers to physical, mental, spiritual, mechanical, chemical, electrical imbalances within the human existence. You will also experientially learn how to connect to Earthly, Heavenly and Cosmological realms by understanding The Theory of Relatives via genetic and energetic influences.

Through Soul Mechanic therapies, lectures, classes and workshops you will bring on-line, upgrade and unlock your unique Universal Energy and connect [IT] to the cosmic tetrahedral antenna or pyramidal energies. The therapies, classes, lectures and workshops will also help you identify and explore your strongest natural in-vesrse intuitive abilities, and how to strengthen and amplify other senses that are deep within us all genetically and cosmically within our DNA.

The human experience is here to be brought on-line and linked-up to the Universal Divine Circuit and Cosmic Consciousness. The purpose of being human is to experience and create. If a human is not creating Uniquely then they are not being human and therefore are not living fully.