Electrical Theology and The Uni-Veres-City

Electrical Theology and The Uni-Verse-City

Universe City

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Welcome to the Universe City and Soul Mechanics. Here is where you will learn and experience being a Soul Mechanic, which is an Electrical Theologist. The study and practice of being a SM is under the philosophy of Electrical Theology.

Electric Theology encompasses the Electrical Trinity, which incorporates the Tri-Verse–City, the Di-Verse-City and the Uni-Verse-City.

Tri-Verse City embodies those Beings who are in a des-pair and pre-pair-ness state of being sometimes associated with the term “conscious asleep”, or as I call it, the Un-illuminated.

These Beings in a des-pair and pre-pair state are not yet ready to be responsibly aware Beings, but are in the process of getting ready to be paired. This state of being is more mechanical in nature and is under the category of Mechanical Realm. Realms herein refer to frequency of connected consciousness, in reference and respect to Tri-mens-ions, Di-mens-ions and Uni-mens-ions (Mans-ions: Mansions), which are under the umbrella of Universal Consciousness.

The Mechanical Realm contains the Mechanics of Universal constituents in addition to dealing with Tri-mens-ios known herein as health, wealth, love as well as physical, mental and spiritual (PMS) bio-mechanical, bio-chemical, and bio-electrical suits worn on Earth. This Realm consists of the Frequency of 1-7 and deals and explores the origins of words, readings and Realms.

The Di-Verse-city incorporates those who have pre-paired and are ready to make pairings that consciously connect to Di-mens-ions. This Realm deals with the Chemistry of the mind, body and soul and deals with 8-14. It also deals with re-actions within HWL: Classes that are part of this realm are Universal Di-Vine Circuit, Pyra-mediumship, and Create Your Own Tarot.

The Uni-verse City can be described as uni-mansion, or better put, mans-ions (mansions). This includes all the mansions: inner, outer, upper, downward, over, under worlds, and this Realm deals with Man-i-feasting (manifesting) Life Cycles and Reflective Imaging class. The processes in this Realm deal with the electrical components of the body, mind, and spiritual

Once Paired, this Realm opens up an individual and accesses the Energy Realm.

Energy Realms regulates the mechanical, chemical and electrical Realms and the subordinate physical, mental and spiritual Stages and their components therein. The Energy Realm is the operational system of the Universe City.

Application: The application that aligns a person who is pre-paired, paired and re-paired all components will include Soular Expansion and Energy Circle, which enlightens a student about repairing transmitter and receiver of those souls who have forgotten their self and their Miss-ion and the pass-ion that fuels the Miss-ions.

A Soul Mechanic will be the occupational (occupying Ions) title given to those who understand the knowledge presented in the classes, lecture and seminars mentioned previously, in addition to repairing bio-mechanical, bio-chemical and bio-electrical bodies through the practice of directing ions through Universal Communi-i-cation. The Miss-ion of a Soul Mechanic is to facilitated and direct ions to re-pair and maintain the galactic bridge. I call this “Bridge” the Precipice of Nothingness. The “Bride” is a pathway that allows clear communication to [be establish and linked to] other Uni-Verses).

To fully grasp the Precipice of Nothingness you will have had to taken all the classes in the Universe-City and having an acceptable knowledge, Understanding and awareness of all the information contain thereof.

On the surface, having an understanding that both science and mythology and all other “belief” systems are all describing the same things, will have your Soul Mechanic occupation better suited for optimal re-pairing of Souls and Soul-suits.


Souls in RE-Pair

Earth is a place within a system where many different types of Beings live, visit, learn and experience. Like a person who visits a town, that person may choose to set roots and choose to live there, while others however visit but will not choose to stay. Some who visit choose to acquire information that scopes broad areas of Earthly experiences, and then will leave and re-turn from where they originated and re-port with information gathered through essential extraction of experiences.

And still, there are Beings not limited to Earth and are here to change, maintain, assist and facilitate. And then there are those who are not conducive to Earth but nonetheless slip through and inhabit for a period of “time”.

For all those [visitors] mentioned above, some from other than Earth have [genetically, religiously, and societally] manipulated Beings who were born of Earth. This augmentation on Earth-base Beings have, by associative membership, are herein under the Maintenance Pro-Gram of the Electrical Di-vines. The Di-Vines consists of the Mechanics, the Chemist and the Electricians. These Electrical Di-Vines are in “charge” of maintaining mechanical, chemical and electrical Grids. Grids can be described as Fields of Energy that “surround” blueprinted potential (this all may sound confusing, but after taking all the Soul Mechanic classes, seminars and attending lectures, the student will have panoptic understanding). Grids are what make Universal Communication possible. Grids also have to constantly maintain and re-pair the Transmitters and Receivers.

Grids are also pathways and “air-ways” that allow passage via portals to “afterlives” and “hereafters”.

Some Mechanics only operate as Mechanics; Some Chemists work as only Chemists and some Electricians work only as Electricians. The reason this is so is that sometimes they are only qualified to be just that, or are in an apprentice position who, having yet to complete requirements (through enough experiences, extraction and re-porting).

Some Mechanics choose to be just a mechanic even though they are qualified  (experienced) to do chemistry and electrical works; the same applies for some Chemist and some Electricians. They too can do all positions but may choose to solely (“souly”) do the other or a combination of each.

Those experienced and qualified in all positions can also oversee the operation of all positions as well as work in all positions randomly or intermittingly.

Beings on Earth, which include those visiting, or evolving from earth, or who have taken up [permanent] residence on Earth, and who are here on “Assignment of Completion” and or task to gain experiences and extraction, will from time to time, require upgrades, rebooting and re-pair-ing of the bio-Mechanical, bio-Chemical and bio-Electrical space suit. The reason for all of this is to maintain established connection with the Universe-City’s Frequencies of Creation.

Space-suits, which utilize Universal Energy, by imputing and outputting Electrical potential into, through and out of Earth Suits, tend to become restricted, sticky or stuck wide open, or are just in need of upgrading, rebooting and re-pair-ing.

Re-pair-ing, upgrading and rebooting means a Being has “forgotten” their “Task of Completion” or have gotten themselves into a situation where they become “disconnected” and thereby making the Universal Electrical Stream) pathways and air-ways) become reduced to an electrical volume that is not conducive or constructively balanced to full potential and thereby finding it difficult to operate proficiently with regard to “Completing a Task”.

Completing a task means a Being sets out to observe, choose, experience, extract, collect, integrate and re-port in-form-at-ion. Then a Being re-turns (arcs) and de-livers the collected information (ions that are in a form) to THE GRID.

As well, a Being will inhabit a Earth suit upon its minutest cellular particle or a fully developed bio-suit in order that it may complete a Miss-ion. A miss-ion is missing ions. A Being’s task is to complete, or collect, ions, which come from experiences chosen. The objective is to full-fill that which will assist in upgrading a soul to a state of Pan-a-vision and Creator. A Creator is one who Creates other Di-men-sion and the Beings who will eventually exist therein.

When a Being drops below their electrical volume¾their Earthly Mechanics, Chemicals and Electrics within¾the Earth-suit will decline in volume as well. Said differently, a Being on Earth will suffer physical, mental and spiritual invalidation, sickness, insecurity, lack of focus and direction with regards to their Universal Miss-ion. Here is where they will discover (attracting) or lead themselves to be “serviced” (nature, psychology, or houses of worship). In this case, it will be a Soul Mechanic who re-pairs, tunes-up, reboots and upgrades the reduced resident.

A Soul Mechanic, when introduced to a depleted Being, will objectively listen and hear and feel and taste and smell their “story”. This “story” is the-soul-in-re-pair’s collective data that has been collected and collated via experiences. The issue with this Being is that through their reductionist “disconnection” from Universe, has cut off the Di-Vine informational (in-form-ions) pathways and air-ways that transmit their agenda. A SM will normally get a “busy” signal when first reading a reduced soul: too busy thinking, busy being busy, spiritually busy with serving others selfishly, arrogantly and egoically.

After sensorial observation of the “client’s” story, a SM assesses, then reflects and then “troubleshoots” a client’s invalid functions (de-functioning ions). This process will serve the operational parameters of a client so they may again per-form or complete their chosen task, or maintain their agenda. The objective to this reading is to reach a state of inductive connectivity with their information (informed-ions) and specific frequency.

Briefly put, the SM process upgrades and “services” a Being like one would maintain and service a vehicle on Earth. A SM overhauls lives by tuning up the electrical body of a Being on Miss-ion, this in turn regulates the chemical and the reactions therein, which in turn effectively regulates the mechanical structure of the Earth bio-suit. There is a procession of experiences that can gain you experience that will eventually be qualified to maintain and service the mechanics, chemistry and electrical workings of the Universe. Re-turning an Upgraded Soul to full service allows the Being to maintain of being of service to its Comm-unity.

To become a SM, which includes all categories (Mechanic, Chemist, Electrician), one must become experience and familiar with universal Information (in-formed-ions), which is taught via and linked to the Universe-City.

The Miss-ion of a SM is to re-pair, reboot and upgrade a Being in Di-mens-ions so that they may re-port and re-link and communicate (commune with the Ions) in order to build the Precipice Bridge that in turn has them unifying with the Undivided [Uni-VERSE) a-gain and a-gain.

Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved. The Soul Mechanic