Cosmic Coaching, Mentoring and Therapies offered by Charles

Sessions and Cost:

1 Session    $295.00    45 – 60 minutes

3 Months: $825.00 ($275.00 per month): Paid Upfront or per month, Includes 3 Sessions per month 45 – 60 minute sessions

6 Months; $1500.00 ($250.00 per month): Paid Upfront or per month, Includes 3 Sessions per month 45 – 60 minute sessions

12 Months: $2700.00 ($225.00 per month): Paid Upfront or per month, Includes 4 Sessions per month 45 – 60 minute sessions

 Optional Payment Plan: 10% discount paid in full

Group Mentoring, Classes and Lectures also available for more affordable options.


With over 40 years of experience in the fields of Paranormal, Supernatural, Religious, Metaphysics, Myths, Folklore, and 20 years experience in Reflexoly, Charles has created relavent, practical applicational coaching and therapies that assist in uprading one’s soul to expanded frequencies. He does this by equally and systmaltically bring flow to one’s health, wealth and relationships.

Reflexology: some say over 6000 years old, reflexology focuses on energy and nerve points on the feet, hand and ears. Your feet records your past events like rings on a tree. Through reflexology, specific points on the feet, hand and ears can be energies through hands on articulation, which brings stimulates alignment within the body, mind and soul.

Toe Reading: as reference above, your feet record past events, as well, can indicate future paths. Bunions, calusus, crooked toes, all tell a story. Wish to have clarity about your path, then have Charles read your toes today.

Emotional Reflexology: Utilizing the feet, this modality helps to release old drama and discover new perspectives.

Essential Oils: Even older than reflexology, the use of essential oils have been used since the first plant appeared. Plants, tress, herbs and fruits are natures first medicine. Using essentials oils have been scientifically be proven to cure many aliments. Essential oils can be breathed in, use topical or ingested (make sure you consult your Doctor before using). Essential oils can balance the overall wellness of the body, mind and soul.

Soular Expansion: Invitation only


Directional Facilitation: Not sure what your passion is, what your directions is, or which way to go in life, then Charles will listen intently to your questions, comments and concerns and use your information to set a path that best resonates with who you will choose to be.

Spiritual Re-pair, upgrades, and reboots

Universal Alignments

Business and Entrepreneurship: With 25 years experience in starting multiple business, Charles offers his expertise with brand identification. Listening to a client’s aspiration and intentions about a client’s business mission, Charles can hone in on just the right logo, business name and prospective clients for your business.