Karmic E-Mot-ions

Karmic E-Motions

Karma is a concept in both Jainism and Buddhism that is a check and balance system for suffering on earth. Karma, as I will attempt to explain, is not ethereal in nature, but a matter of science when viewed from an electrical perspective.

The question that one must ask is: who deems which [human] acts as karmic. To further understand this question we must first look at the difference between karma in Jainism and Buddhism.

In Jainism, karma is not an effect or result; instead it is literally a real substance that attaches itself to a person’s Jiva. The Jiva is “an individual life monad or separate individual self, or the aggregate of all life monads or separate selves” (merriam-webster, 2010).

I see all mythologies, history, folklore and karma from an electrical e-motional (energy in motion) perspective, an electrical blueprint if you will (Marshall, 2006). Man, in history, when connected to the Universe (god(s)), embodies purity of pulse (clear of sin, desire, suffering, etc.), and can then manifest purity into mechanistic and electrical apparatuses, of which allows humans to live in harmony with their god(s).

Every cell in our body, including the brain, exists in a homeostatic electrical existence. Anything electrical is therefore magnetic, and as such, has a north and south pole. This magnetic field, like the Jiva field, attracts and repels matter/antimatter, purity or impurities, thinness or thickness. The fundamental principals of attraction and repelling of Jiva is affected by ones connection or disconnection to not only one’s own consciousness, but to the Universal homeostatic Consciousness. A homeostatic symbiotic relationship between one’s human consciousness and Universal Consciousness (God), could not be understood by the commoner. In order for the commoner to understand electromagnetic consciousness, it had to be placed literarily in simple mythological nature stories and heroic tales. Stories such as the Bhagavad Gita, The tales of Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Hercules, Jesus, etc., are all the same heroic adventure stories just expressed with different persons, places and things. Their heroic journey is representative of how to rejoin and align with the pure flow of consciousness from a state of disconnection by eliminating materialistic physical, mental and spiritual attachments.

These [mythological, historical] stories are meant to instruct an initiate on how to realign one’s disconnected [cellular] consciousness¾that’s caused by desire, suffering and the like¾back to the constant flow of pure potential of Universal Consciousness.

Dr. Robert Becker, author of The Electric Body, connects the cells in the body with consciousness. “If the current controlled the way nerves work in the brain as in the rest of the body, then it must regulate consciousness to some event.”

If, for whatever the reason, a cell is not receiving its regulated allotted energy¾from the regulatory system that instructs the pituitary/hypothalamus and the autonomic nervous system, which contain the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems¾the cell will “lock down” and not receive the vital nutrients it needs to operate in homeostasis (Diamond, 1978). To have a cell open up and receive the proper nutrients, it must first receive the proper electrical current. This is done by release limitation and restrictions that the mind/body have created.

If a person’s [emotional] thoughts are negative and shadowy, then like energy/electricity will magnetically attract like energy, as well as repel positive energy. Simply said, depressed people will attract depressed people (misery love company); and the converse, happy people attract happy people.

In Buddhism, we can simply say that good actions lead to good karma and bad action to bad karma. Both Jainism and Buddhism allow an individual to address, balance or eliminate the karma, or hop off the wheel as it were.

Karma can simply be explained mechanically, chemically, electrically and e-motionally. I referred earlier to the anatomic nervous system. The nervous system is electricity, and as mentioned earlier, carries with it, a magnetic field (Becker, 1985). The field is the same field referred to in Jainism (as well as in Taoism). The attracting of a ‘real substance’ is a magnetic attraction caused by the influx of your emotional/electrical biological states. I refer to bio-logical as empirically and patternistically logical.

In his book, Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawkins explains that neurons that become limited generate an attractor element. This in turn creates what is called a constraint satisfaction system (Li; Spiegel, 1992). He further explains¾what I am calling karmic attraction¾Dr. Hawkins infers to this attractor field as psychopathology occurrence, which can be tested kinesiologically (Hoffman, 1992)

Staying with this logic, the physiological body doesn’t know the difference between a sweet candy bar and a sweet hug. It is the recipient of either that then activates a response, which then causes the pituitary/hypothalamus to tell certain hormones to excrete or secrete. With the candy bar or hug, the body will cause the insulin (or sugar) to activate/deactivate, thus flooding the body with the feel-good/bad, healthy/sick response.

Now, if any negative thoughts were associated with the candy bar, such as, “Oh, I am going to regret this later.” or like thinking is emoted via a hug from a creepy person, the body will cause the sympathetic (fight or flight) system to activate and flood the body with adrenalin and large amounts of cortisol, both of which are very acidic to the body, specifically with the cells. The cell will recognize that the flood of acid is detrimental for itself and will go into self-preservation mode and shut down, thus not receiving anything that will harm it. Like karmic debt, one must return to a state of [neutral/homeostatic] calm to receive pure consciousness/enlightenment.

In order for a state of neutrality/calm to occur a person must think thoughts that are safe or relaxing, thus activating the parasympathetic system. This, in return, floods the body with potassium, calcium and other chemicals, which balances the pH to a safe level. After the cell feels that it is safe to ‘open’ up again, it will then receive the proper electricity and therefore receive the proper nutrients, hence, the balance of karma.

If a person is anxious, nervous, or worried, their state of mind is in the future focusing on what has yet to happen [negatively]. If a person is angry or depressed, their mind is focusing in the past. In either case, one’s state of mind is not in the present state, or as I will call it, neutral. It is this neutral state [of being] that frees the mind and pituitary/hypothalamus, and therefore the electrical system and cell to fully electrically receive the optimal benefits from the electromagnetic neutral universe.

In addition to the body and cells being an electromagnetic system, so too is the earth. Because of the earth’s core and the rotation of the earth, an electromagnetic field is produced. The Universe too is electrical because of its dark, gray and white matter and therefore magnetic. In spiritual terms this translates into physical (human), mental (earth), spiritual (Universe), or another way of translating this is mechanical, chemical, electrical. It is also referred to as the Known, Know, and knowing, all of which refers to Knowledge. Within the word knowledge, is the word now. Being in the ‘now’ is what the ascetics were and still are trying to attain.

The universe, earth and humans all are naturally in alignment, electrically speaking. We (universe, earth and human) are all made of the basic elements, which are fire, water, earth and air (atoms, ions, electrons, protons, quarks, etc.) All of these also produce motion and therefore create energy, thus a magnetic field.

When we humans are in the present [now] moment our cellular polarities are in alignment with the earth and universe’s polarities. When we are in the past or future, we disconnect from the universal [alignment] flow as it were. The word disaster breaks-down as dis-aster. In other words, you have disconnected from star energy or universal electromagnetic flow.

As humans think, electrical pulse waves emit and create patterns. These electrical waves are magnetically charged and therefore will be attracted and re-corded into the magnetic fields of the earth as well as the universe’s field. In mythology, this is called the Akashic records and it is where all knowledge [electromagnetic thought patterns] are stored, an electromagnetic data base as it were.

In essence, all humans are batteries. In order to maintain homeostasis (a balanced life), we must keep our electrical systems in alignment with earth and universes’ polarities. Humans are the microcosm of the earth and the earth is the microcosm of the universe. The Schumann resonance (the vibration earth resonates at) is around 7.9 cps (geocities.com). All but the heart and liver resonate at the exact same frequency (the heart and liver run double, around 15.9).

What the ascetics are trying to do in their devotion is align with these electrical fields by disconnecting themselves from the past or future [events]. By putting themselves through extreme physical stress, the autonomic nervous system will rewire itself and therefore will ‘adjust’ or recalibrate the nervous system to shut down certain parts of the brain, so they can endure pain. Much like a boxer who gets hit in the face multiple times, after awhile, the nerves in the face will ‘disconnect’ or numb, thereby allowing the boxer to continue getting punched without it hurting.

Ascetics, for the most part are attempting to be detached and free. This freedom is pure consciousness; that which lacks attachments and limitations. They are attempting infinite pure potentiality in human form. They are striving to bring God(s)¾pure electrical energy¾into the dimension of form. When pure potentiality is flowing through the human cells without resistance, the flow of electricity will generate enormous amounts of step-up transformed magnetism. When Jesus rose from the dead and returned three days later (KJV Bible) he was illuminated. This high vibrating magnetism, as it is in electrical application, a servo magnet that when electricity is applied will open or close a switch. In this story, the switch literally opens photonic pathways into pure electrical (God) consciousness through a human shell whose cellular matrix is equipped to handle high amounts of electricity. This is what the ascetics were really attempting to access through cutting off certain neural pathways of the brain’s neural network.

The physical body regulates the chemical body, and the chemical body is regulated by the electrical systems, and the electrical system receives its electrostatic/dynamic power from the electromagnetics of the earth/universe. All these then operate within the parameters of Hermetic law, which states “As above, so below”. This too encompasses the saying, “what comes around, goes around.” The essence of these statements, when observed from an electrical perspective should begin to make  [bio] logical sense. Electricity must make a complete loop back to the source from whence it came in order to produce its potential. If the electrical path [in humans] is resisted in any way [emotionally], then the power entering the human is restricted and therefore will cause cellular degeneration and restriction (suffering). The first of the four noble truths of Buddhism is dukkha, which is the same as discontent, dissatisfaction, fear, suffering, etc.

To operate fully (balance karma), one must be “free” from the flow of emotions. Emotions, electrically speaking, breaks-down thusly:

E-(energy) in motion. Motion breaks down into ‘emoting’-ions. Karma has the letters ARK. Ark (same as arc) is an electrical spark; our synapsis arc from one ganglion to another in our brains.

Karma simply translates into resonance / dissonance, harmony / cacophony, open cells or closed cells. The ultimate decider and regulator of your “karma” (brains electrical arcs) is you, no one else. Staying tuned in to the ‘now’ gains you mental clarity, thus a clear path.

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