Class Dates


Classes are grouped into 3 stages:

Section I: Physical / Mechanical REALM

Soul Mechanic Class: Intro, Word Origin

This class introduces a student to the theories and philosophies of Soul Mechanic, such as Electrical Theology©,  Realms of Expanding Consciousness©, Car Reading, Psychic Abilities, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Pyramids, Secret Societies and Word Origins. This class presents Universal Information that allows a human being to connect to the Universal Divine and more.

  • Duration: 2-3 weeks/         Cost: $15.00 per class/ $45.00 total (Pay per class as you go)

 Class Date:      Aug 22 (7), 2016 – Every Monday 


Time:               6:15pm – 8:15pm Cost: $15.00 per class

Place:               The Cosmic Groove Hendersonville Location

                           2021 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville 28791


All classes hereafter will be on consecutive Monday unless otherwise posted.

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All classes are subject to change depending on group and class size.

Realms of Expanding Consciousness©

  • This class will help gain answers to physical, mental, spiritual, mechanical, chemical, electrical imbalances within the human existence. You will also learn how to connect to Earthly, Heavenly and Cosmological Di-mens-ional realms by understanding The Theory of Relatives via genetic and energetic influences. You will bring on-line your energy and connect to the tetrahedral pyra-medial antenna. Mother/Father, Reception and Transmission will be address as well, along with Claiming Back Your Light.
  • Duration: 4 weeks/ Cost $15.00 per class/ $60.00 total

 Universal Di-Vine Circuit©

  • This class delves into ancient descriptions that show us how to build, connect, maintain and develop synchronistic flow with the Universe. We will show how ancient and modern text are just wiring diagrams and schematics on how to activate Universal Electricity. Noah’s “Ark” represents electrical ARC or Sp-ark (Spiritual Arc). These classes show how to manifest instantaneously.
  • Duration: 3 weeks/ Cost $15.00 per class/ $45.00 total

Section II: Mental / Chemical REALM


  • Once a person has been brought on-line, linked-up to the Universal Divine, and their Divine Light has increased via Realms of Expanding Consciousness©, “Energies” will begin to make contact with you. This class explores, in detail, numerous aspects of medium-ship, i.e., ghost, apparition, angles, orbs as well as loved-ones that have crossed over. You will learn the different frequency of “Light’ that transitional “Energies” go into besides “The Light”, and why some don’t and can’t go into “The Light”. Discover and learn the different lights our loved-ones do go into.
  • Duration: 4 classes/ Cost $25.00 per class/ $100.00 total
  • Class Date: To be announced


Create Your Own Tarot Deck

  • Each one of us has a unique Universal frequency that we emit—that individual talent that makes us different than any other person on this planet. When you discover and bring on-line your unique talent—by discovering your natural communicative abilities—you will see, hear, feel, smell, taste what the ordinary cannot. You will be able to read others by creating your own unique system for reading others
  • Duration: 5 weeks/ Cost $25.00 per class/ $125.00 total
  • Class Date: To be announced


Manifesting Ions

  • Once a student has established and integrated the Realms of Expanding Consciousness into their Universal Life Flow, the next step then is to transmit and receive the flow of Universal Energy into the material, thought, and spiritual realms of our life. This flow creates manifestation through utilization of Ionic Direct Alternating Current (DAC). Also, one will learn specific processes of manifestation using their left-brain (earth brain) and right brain (God Brain). This class embodies Choice and Intensity. This class goes beyond the usual techniques of positive affirmation and intentions that result in half-filled desires, want and needs.
  • Duration: 4 classes/ Cost $25.00 per class/ $100.00 total
  • Class Date: To be announced