Author’s Bio

Charles Marshall

Electrical Theologists, Soul Mechanic

Directional Facilitator, Massage Therapist

Dimensional Medium, Coordinator, Interpreter and Communicator

Author, Speaker, Teacher, Intuitivist, Cosmic Mentor

Charles is certified in massage therapy, Asian modalities and counseling. He is also an in-depth intuitive reader, and renown reflexologist who specializes with energy and therapeutic essential oils. He is the creator of an innovative trademark energy technique call Soular Expansion, which specializes in connecting, upgrading and increasing one’s unique spiritual electrical energy to the Universal Divine.

Charles Marshall has been an Empathic Intuitivist for over forty years. He has been presenting his unique perspective of how the Universe and Afterlife operates. Charles has the ability to communicate and translate information from humans who have crossed over to another realm, dimension or plane. He also is able to communicate with life (un)forms from different planes, realms and dimensions.

Charles has been a teacher at one of the largest holistic colleges in the southwest. He holds seminars, lectures and workshops from Florida to California. Through his unique communicative ability, Charles explains in simple terms how a human operates within the Universe. He does this by unifying past and modern societal belief systems. He explains in simple terms how many sectors of society i.e. religion, science, political, folk lore, myth, etc., attempt to define the Undefined, God, Universe.

He shows you how they are saying the same theme just using different explanations. Charles has a unique way of dismantling words so that a person can see the essence of one’s life in a societal made up system of languages. His unique brand of Universal perception and interpretation has been featured on television, radio and in newspaper. He has written two books: The Soul Mechanic:Intuitive Exploration Into Your Body, Mind, Soul and Car; and Create Your Own Passion: 21 Individuating Steps To A Life Of Success.

His acute perceptive abilities has been used in sensitive cases with law enforcement and corporations. Charles is sought after by many and has clients around the world. He has taught and lectured to thousands of how to become aware of their own Energy and how to Create their Own Spiritual / Universal Individuality, A philosophy he calls Electrical Theology.