The Heart Misses the Mind

The Heart Misses the Mind

The Heart Misses the Mind
Communicating: Heartfelt Intuition vs Logical Reason

Many people are great logistical, inductive/deductive communicators while others struggle to communicate what is in their heart.

Many of my clients are logically intelligent, however, at the same time they are inept when it comes to speaking from the heart. The ineptitude of a heart person has no idea how to communicate from the heart, so they go where they are most comfortable, which is trying to make logical sense of what they are “feeling”.

This, in essence, bridges a gap between the heart and the mind. If one chooses to transmit their thoughts to Universe and have their physical, mental and spiritual (pms) choices manifest, their logical thought consequently will not manifest a “thing” without feelings. One reason is because thoughts, or thinking, are a “thing”. When someone speaks of a thing they are merely reporting on something that has already occurred, albeit, a few seconds ago.

Feelings, which are associated with intuition and the spiritual heart, require no spoken or thinking words. The experience of feeling places a person in a state of k(now)ng,, yet when one speaks of a heartfelt experience, that experience has already past. Commenting on an experience is describing something that has already been. The experience itself requires no comments. The experience is always felt before we form thoughts about it.

To have a pms choice manifest completely, one does so from a transmitting position, and to receive one’s choice, one must have their heart/intuition open. You may logically transmit thoughts but you also must have your heart open to receive the things your mind thought.

Eventually, one will understand that both sides must work equally together to manifest the thoughts. What do I mean? When choosing to make a choice in your physical, mental or spiritual life, accessing not just logic, or not just the heart, but as well, the two sides must intermingle.

Logic, and its companion, Reason, must join Intuition and its companion, Heart. Doing so now brings Spirit and Logic twain thus creating Spiritual, intuitive Logic. Heart and Reason come together to create a Reasonable Heart.

What would prevent a person from experiencing and communicating what’s in their heart? Why would a person go to Logic for comfort? What makes the Heart so uncomfortable to make it reason itself not to feel? Is it fear? Is the person scared? Was it a past event, or the worry of an uncertainty, or repeatable experience? It is fear of the unknown.

How would one go about bring the heart and mind together to make “balanced” decisions? I will answer this and the above questions in my next blog. What should you expect with the next blog?

• Understanding the systems of three
• Understanding where you are thinking and feeling from:
o The unconscious, the subconscious, or the conscious
• Simple steps that will have the heart being mindful.
• And much more.
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