Electrical Theology©

Electrical Theology©

My name is Charles and I am The Soul Mechanic© and my philosophy is called Electrical Theology©. I am going to be bringing information that goes beyond religion. I am not saying religion is bad or good, useless or useful or wrong or right. What I am saying is that all ancient mythology and religions, as well as folklore and cults all contain information that is, in some cases, deemed sacred.

My intention here is not going to discredit, divert or disengage you from your current [belief] system(s). Through my decades of studying religions, folklore, cults and mythologies, I have, in conjunction with my other mechanical, electrical and scientific studies, come up with an essentiality: that what all these studies are attempting to define is the Undefined.

These respective and diverse studies are most of the time, arguing against one another; some to the point of threatening proselytization. Our history of the pre and post middle ages should make this point.

If one takes a closer objective observation of what these disciplines have at their core they will discover a prime unmover / mover or constant force. It is this force that will be the focus of these blogs.

I will take the ancient (religious) texts, such as the epics of Gilgamesh, Anneas, Odysseus, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Arjuna and the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible (KJV), Noah’s “ARK”, the “ARK” of the Covenant, and many more, and show you that they are all, in there unique and secret ways, describing ELECTRICITY⎯and the natural manifested paths.

Yes. I am saying that all the above described is not only telling you that Chi, Prana, God (and even Devils) is electricity, but more importantly, they are telling you how to wire yourself up ⎯to what I will be referring to as ⎯The Universal Di-vine Circuit.

Yes, we can describe ourselves as physical, mental and spiritual Beings, but more to the essential point, we are mechanical, chemical and ELECTRIAL BEINGS. As Electrical Beings, we are what I refer to as the Electrical Trinity.

These ancient texts and their fantastical stories and the characters themselves are blueprints, schematics, and wiring diagrams. These stories are all telling you how to connect to and step up your electricity as well as step down Universal Electricity. Any thing that is electric produces magnetism.

The one common denominator that all these stories and characters have in common is LIGHT, for example, Adam translates into Atom, Lucifer means Light (bearer, bringer), Jesus was the light of the world.

I will leave this first blog at this point. I hope you will join me if you are a mind that is ready to go beyond the stories and go to pure thought and understanding of what you are and what your “consciousness” is, or, Electrical Theology©.