Free Will Flowing

Free Will Flowing


A sincere welcome and thank you for all who have chosen to read my blogs about things beyond the traditional sciences and theologies. If you have specific topics you would chose to gain a different perspective, please feel free to email me at Thought is a Things.

We humans like to talk and talk and talk. And now we like to blog, and blog, and blog. Every human contains within them the whole of the Universe. Having the Universe floating around in our minds eventually manifest into form of thoughts and eventually into things.

If you attached to thought/things then you cut your self off from the Whole. Thinking compartmentalizes your Beingness and therefore reduces your connection to the nonthoughtness. Nonethoughtmess is when you gain clarity to your freedom. When freedom is procreated it thereby dissipates physical, mental and spiritual confusion.

To have the Universe flowing in you can be challenging to make sense and since of. If you are inclined to favor left brain thinking, then you attempt to make logical since out of the Universe with memorization, test  or numbers, which places your (non)Beingness either  in a past or future event. If you are inclined to use more right brain, then you meditate and participate in ceremonies that may have you connecting to some sort of cosmic consciousness as seen in dogmatic indoctrination or philosophies, which consequently have no clear path attached to them.

Using the right or left brain utilize thinking… and yes, using your intuition, at least for the purpose of this blog, is a [thought] process; a process nonetheless that attempts to [thoughtfully] explain intuitively the “unform” into some sort of ceremonial form or practice only later to be turned into some obscure religion.

A Union with Universe best creates flow when  you are not thinking or attaching to persons, places and things. Think about things, yes, but then release them. To think something and then talk about it as “real” places that thought into a past or future (non) event.

Holding on and attaching to people, places and things keeps your heart in bondage for which you place temporary bandages on with left and right remedies. Moreover, you will then choose to have others tell you how to think instead of flowing with a nonthinking process. Nature doesn’t think, it flows.

A person, place or thing flows best when not attached [to]. Would you like others to place you in bondage by attaching to you? Humans are created to flow freely. Our spirit is free flowing. You have free will. You are [here] to flow your FREE will.

The way in which you can access and utilized freely your free will is to understand that your thoughts are just things. Release them and you will be free.

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