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What Do I Teach?

I teach you to communicate, read and interpret Di-vine In-Form-at-ION. I teach a person to recognize the Cosmic Electrical Veil and how to open up and expand through IT for the purpose of connecting to our Universal Cosmic Consciousness. Connecting to our Cosmic Selves allows us then to access ITs Di-vine…

The Heart Misses the Mind

The Heart Misses the Mind Communicating: Heartfelt Intuition vs Logical Reason Many people are great logistical, inductive/deductive communicators while others struggle to communicate what is in their heart. Many of my clients are logically intelligent, however, at the same time they are inept when it comes to speaking from the…

Free Will Flowing

A sincere welcome and thank you for all who have chosen to read my blogs about things beyond the traditional sciences and theologies. If you have specific topics you would chose to gain a different perspective, please feel free to email me at Thought is a Things. We humans…